June 10, 2017


Girls Hostel:

Girls Hostel building is two storied .For girls, there are two hostel buildings having 13 rooms and 18 rooms respectively. The Hostel campus is designed for 36 students ,however it accommodates 56 girl students each.Further it comprises of hostel office ,rector quarter…View more>>

Boys Hostel:

There are three hostel buildings in the campus. Boys blocks are named as Hostel-A for 2 nd & 3rd year students having 80 rooms. Hostel-B is for 1 st year boys students having 20 rooms . The hostel campus houses about 240 boys & 56 girl students. Further it comprises of hostel office, security room, Guest house of three rooms, two rectors quarters and principal’s residence. Student messes are run on co-operative basis…View more>>

List of Facilities Available:

  • Separate Boys and Girls hostel in college campus.
  • Good Mess facility at reasonable rates.
  • Hostelites going out of the campus for personal work to inform the Rector.
  • Hostelites going out of the City to take permission from the Rector in writing.
  • Use the Hostel assets like cots, chairs, cupboards and fans carefully.
  • Ragging is strictly prohibited inside or outside the campus.
  • Proper use of water, electricity required. Fine will be imposed for negligence and ultimately hosteler will be removed from the hostel.

Hostel Address:

The Principal,
Government Polytechnic, Akkalkot road, Solapur-413006.
Phone : +91-217–653922/25.
Fax : +91-20-25507299.

Hostel Postal Address

Chief Rector, Government Polytechnic,Solapur.
Government Polytechnic Campus, Solapur.
Office : +91-217–653922/25.
Fax : +91-20-25507299.
Email : shri_gornale@yahoo.com.