June 10, 2017

Other Services

Co-operative Stores:

GPS Stationery Stores caters all needs of the students in connection with academics. Being a GPS student, you have an easy access to all the stationery requirements.stationery centre at the campus proves to be the utilitarian service at the campus, where text books, reference books, journals, laboratory manuals,Files and other necessary equipments for experimental sessions are handy for purchase.
The student friendly store meets customized needs of various courses.
A stationery store is opened in the college campus, from where students can purchase Text Books and other stationery items for their day-to-day requirements and academic activities.
Discounted prices are available for the whole year. Our prices are very competitive.


Sr No. Name Designation
1 Mr. Katare D.A President
2 Mr. Dandoti S.Z Member
3 Mr. Polampali R.P Member
4 Mr. Subhedar A.E Member
5 Mr. Tirthakar S.B Member
6 Mr. Gaikwad A.A Member
7 Mrs. Ekbote S.S Member
8 Mrs. Khyade S.R Member
9 Mr. Gulapalli V.A Member
10 Mr. Devdas S.N Member
11 Mr. Gade V.S Member
12 Mr.Jilla A.M Member
13 Mr. Gedappa S.R Member
14 Mr. Date S.P Secretory



There is a XEROX-Center in the campus. The students can avail the facility of printing, as well as compilation of study material from the xerox center.
It is available during college timing .


College has ample space to meet the parking requirements of the staff & Students.